I started writing Tesseract back in November of 2022, and then took a long break from the project. (I was more interested in other things)

I came back to it late July 2023, and did some work on the codebase.

Now, I’ve made the Tesseract website, and now, this blog.

What is Tesseract?

Tesseract is an open-source, 3D physics sandbox game made in the Godot engine. It aims to be a sort-of mix between Garry’s Mod, Algodoo, The Powder Toy, and others – taking inspiration from the things that do and don’t work.

Where can I see it?

I have posted some demo videos on my YouTube channel:

What’s it written in?

GDScript is used for all of the scripting (so far). That means character control, all tools (physics modification and such), menus, explosions, etc. are all written in GDScript.

The website is of course in HTML/CSS/JS.

Who’s making it?

I am currently solo-developing Tesseract*.

* The spinning hypercube model animation on the website was written by a friend, theiframe.

What I can expect to be written here?

Development updates, progress reports, general news, demoes, etc. If/when Tesseract releases, you’ll be the first to know.

How often will these posts be?

I don’t know yet. Hopefully, reasonably frequent^TM^.